Be Your Own Hero – not just about the skating.

I love Facebook for the fact that my news feed is always full of roller derby goodness. Every now and again one of these posts engages me and touches me enough to share. Today a friend shared a link to a Rollin’ News article – Be Your Own Hero by Jay Pegg.

‘Be Your Own Hero’ is a well used phrase in the derby world, and for me personally it was not an appealing thought – I agree with Jay when he says….

“I’ll admit that I considered the phrase to be nothing more than one of those trite empowerment sayings that you see all over the place – much like aim for the moon and you’ll still land among the stars, which, is astronomically inaccurate for starters”

… but then I read the article, which did bring a tear to my eye, and know now that it is not about being the best derby player or the best skater, it is about your contribution to your sport and your team that makes you a hero.

So whether you are a skater, an NSO,  or on the committee – take time to read this, it will make you smile.


6 Reasons Why Roller Derby is NOT Ready for the Olympics

A good blog from Canadian Derby Frontier – and as much as I would like to see RD as an Olympic sport, lets stick to ‘World Cups’ until we get the sport generally accepted, watchable and enjoyable by anyone, and really less complicated – I skate and NSO and have around 80+ hours viewing time, and I still get lost. Love the description about multi-personality disorder – yep that’s my sport and that’s most leagues I know – may have to print this out for next time I am asked ‘What is Roller Derby’.

5. Roller Derby has multiple personality disorderIt’s true! I cannot even begin to count how many leagues strive to be a hardcore competitive All-Star team, casual athletes, beer league and a junior sport organization all at the same time. Even the leagues that are not all of those things at once are, more often than not, still a combination of two or three of them.Trying to be several things at once and trying to make several groups of members, with different levels of commitment, all happy at the same time is bound to drive wedges into the community of a league and contribute to increased tensions.To the outsider who asks me, “what is roller derby?” I don’t really know how to answer them anymore.The best way I could describe it now is: “It’s a competitive, professional, grassroots, amateur, casual, complicated, frustrating, fun, fascinating, stressful, amazing extreme sport for women, men and children of all shapes and sizes. But in order to be competitive you need to go to the gym and cross-train. But don’t worry anyone can play! But you might not play if you don’t dedicate enough of your mind, body and time to it. Oh, and it has Olympic dreams but doesn’t get a lot of love from the media and has fluctuating spectator numbers and many leagues can’t secure venues or practice space, or consistently recruit and retain members, but when they do… IT’S AWESOME!”That’s roller derby in a nutshell.

via 6 Reasons Why Roller Derby is NOT Ready for the Olympics.