Pinterest should come with a risk of Addiction Warning.



A few months ago I discovered Pinterest, this website has been described as “the new Google”, “like getting a new magazine in the post everyday” and as “electronic hoarding” – well I use google as my preferred search engine, love reading magazines,  and have subscriptions to cooking, women’s and gossip mags land on my doorstep weekly, and I am a hoarder, so I guess this is why I like this site so much.

Now just in case you are not aware of the Pinterest phenomenon it is an online pin board/notice board where you can save and share, well anything and everything, and there are a lot of categories to browse through. Now as the name implies you ‘pin your interests’ and it is a ‘visual’ site, it uses images, in a simple format and layout so that images that appeal to you capture your attention. There is an option to add a description of up to 500 characters to an image, but I rarely see anyone using the full capacity.


Now I love coffee table books, recipe books, and in general any media that shows me ‘images’ of the outcome. It is said that “a picture is worth a 1000 words” and it always amazes me how  our brains, just by viewing an image can quickly take in so much detail and content – it takes seconds, whereas reading a paragraph of information takes longer and (for me anyway) is not always as interesting. If a picture appeals to you, your eyes are drawn to it, whereas words on a page are only words until you make an effort to read them.

One of the things I like about this site is that you can save from most websites (apart from Facebook), you can upload your own stuff, browse other peoples ‘pins’, follow boards, follow individuals and repin other peoples ideas to your boards – all with the click of a button. Pinterest is not just for individuals, you will also find popular magazines, brands and business have boards too.  It is a place to store (albeit publicly) your ideas, wishes and dreams.

My favourite things to pin are recipes, however  I have boards relating to all areas of my life, fun ideas for little one,  things I think are Good Ideas, things that  are Useful to Know and 44 others. I am working through my browser bookmarks at the moment and adding them to the applicable board, so much easier to find what I am lookng for by scanning images, than going through a 40 long list of drop down folders and around 900 bookmarks.


I currently have 47 boards, have pinned 933 ideas, and have 71 people following my pins. I scan my main page and those I am following every couple of days, and if I am on a website and something catches my eye I will pin it, a lot of websites now have a button for you to pin directly, but you can add a ‘pin it’ button to your tool bar which is a really handy tool. I even follow links in subscribed foodie emails now as I have a place to store the recipes without adding more to my browser or having to log into each different websites ‘My recipe folder’. Its great when I am inspired by something or have an idea for a project that I can just find the method or solution for online and save it to a board for future reference.


So you know that I check out the site everyday, and have pinned 933 items, so how many of these have I actually done? Well I guess around 20, mostly recipes, which isn’t too bad – hubby has loved a change from my usual repertoire of dishes, and little man has enjoyed trying new crafts and games that I had never heard of before finding Pinterest, and I have had fun pinning and planning, I know that I will never cook all the 93 recipes in ‘food glorious food or bake all the cakes in ‘Let Them eat cake‘ but the ideas are there if I fancy trying something different, and I have ordered some craft supplies to make some decorations for Valentines this year, and have printed off the instructions for a sock monkey and a memory bear, things I would not have thought about doing before becoming a pinner.


If you are a fellow pinner enjoy my boards and if not I hope I have created enough interest for you to go an have a look, so go on and have a go – just click here – but be warned, if you are a hoarder, read lots of magazines and use the internet rather than the library to search out information, you are likely to become addicted.

Happy Pinning
Sharon x



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