Day 101 – January 2013 – 977 days left, 7% Complete

Well here we are, nearing the end of January and as I did not do a resolution but 101 instead, I can actually say I am keeping up my end of the bargain. So how has my 101 been going.  Well deciding my first 67 of 101 was not too bad, I like lists, and had a mental list of things that I wanted or planned to do, however, I never really got on with anything on this ‘mental’ list because my other lists always got in the way – as you can probably tell I am a list person. For the remaining 34 of 101 I looked at other 101 lists, on Day Zero and on Blog sites, and also made a list of ‘things’ I should be making an effort to do – mainly related to my 4 year old son. So pretty soon I had my list, and a print out in my hand. Actually having it in black and white and for myself and others to see has given me the motivation I needed to actually achieve some other things.


OK, so the challenge is to complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days, and the criteria is “Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).” So I sat down with my print out to ‘make a plan’ and that is when I realised that some of my tasks where not specific enough, some would cost me a small fortune, and some needed time frames added. So a few were amended, realistically I cannot afford to put £2 in a pot every time I complete a task, this month alone I have completed 9, so have reduced this to 50p, £4.50 is a lot more manageable than £18 and I will still have £500 when I finish my tasks. Setting a good time frame is a must too, I read somewhere that if you do something for 2 weeks it becomes a habit, and as I want some of these tasks to become habit they now have a two week time frame. (For my own personal interest I am going to do my best to cost up how much doing my 101 has taken).

So what have I completed:

Create a Day Zero Account – some would say that this should not be a task as you have to ‘do it’ to ‘do it’. That may be the case but I read about 101 on a blog and started making a list to see how difficult it would be to find 101 things and was dithering whether or not to sign up, putting it on my list reinforced for me that I was going to do this.
Cost: Time Free

Find 101 things to put on my list – again you have to ‘do it’ to ‘do it’ but finding 101 meaningful things to do is not actually that easy, I could only come up with 67 of my own, and then this was added to the list as it was a ‘task’ that required me to do some work.
Cost: Time and Brain Power Free

Make a Family Memory Jar – this is a relatively easy and fun thing to do, and I had thought about doing one before but never got round to it, so we now have a 2013 memory jar, with a few things in already, and I really hope I can keep this going every year now so that I can put them away as time capsules for my little boy.
Cost: Pennies as used stuff I already had lying around. Free

Memory Jar

Create a blog – you are reading it. I had wanted to blog for a while, as love reading other peoples, but not sure if I really had anything to share. In the past I had a couple of false starts creating blogs, I would create blog, publish one thing and then forget about it or have nothing to say. Now I have to find something to say as it also ties in with another of my tasks which is to publish 30 blog pieces.
Cost: Time (wordpress free blog) Free

Make a inspirational quote into a piece of home decor/art – have always wanted to do a funky ‘family rules’ for my kitchen and over the years had saved lots of images onto my hard drive of them, so I took all my favourite bits, put them into a word document, made it bright and funky and then printed it out. I had an old picture frame so I cleaned this up, used some spotty wrapping paper as backing and then cut out my rules and popped them in.
Cost: Pennies as used stuff I already had lying around. Free

Family Rules

See if I can sign up someone to day zero: I thought this would be quite hard, as it is quite a challenge to take on, but I posted on Facebook about mine and a friend saw the post, took a look at the day zero site and signed up.
Cost: Time Free

Learn how to Create an ebook: I love my kindle, and love all the free eBooks I have been given and was curious how to go about creating one, so set myself this as a challenge. It took a lot of research and reading, and hours to find the right (free) software, conversion tools etc but I could now confidently create an eBook that would work for kindle and other eReaders.
Cost: Lots of time Free

Coming soon to Kindle
eBook Cover


Buy Martha Stewarts Encylopedia of Crafts: Yep this is an odd one for a 101 list. This has been on my wish list for about 3 years now, but as I am not really a crafter and just wanted it for ideas and inspiration to make me into one, I rarely buy books anymore especially not coffee table ones so it was never at the top of my frivolous shopping list.  Am glad I have finally got around to getting it as it is a beautiful book with some lovely ideas and inspiration.
Cost: £12.99 £

Invite F and N to Dinner: I often feel that I don’t spend enough quality time with friends, and have been meaning to invite F and N over for a while but never got around to it – putting it on my list means not putting it off any longer and an invite has been issued.
Cost: nothing for the invite but dinner will be £££.

Well that’s 9/101 and £4.50 for a the Jar this month, add the £12.99 for the book and we have a respectable £17.49 spent this month.

At this point in time I have 18 tasks marked as ‘work in progress’, these are tasks that have definite dates, e.g. Valentines, or where the task is a monthly or ongoing thing – two new recipes a month, read a book a month, A-Z movies, A-Z music – and I look forward to sharing the what, whys and how’s with you as I complete them.

Activities done towards ‘Work in Progress’ tasks:

Movies – The Hobbit, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Book – Your Heart Belongs to Me, Dean Koonz

Savoury Recipe – Garlic Dauphoniose Potato


Library image, mine was browner on top

 Sweet Recipe – Jammy Coconut Tarts (Essentials Magazine Clipping)


Little Man Craft – Cloud Dough (Pinterest –



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