Once upon a time BC (Before Charlie) I was a get up and go, inspirational sort of girl, I loved to travel and have adventures, I did not need a ‘bucket list’, all I needed was opportunity and when they came along I always tried to answer YES when they knocked – I have been called impetuous and stupid for some of the things I have tried, however jumping in with both feet and thinking about the consequences after enabled me to do some great fun, adventurous things… Then along came my beautiful, very much wanted, son.

He bought with him, responsibility, sleepless nights, reduced finances, and staying in every night, only occasionally escaping for a short break or a night out.  My interests, availability, responsibilities and opportunities changed, and after 4 years of pure mummy hood I feel that I am getting my life back on track and am ready to face the world again.

BC and before Social Media I had a website (and still do http://www.my-zone.co.uk) where I would add pictures and updates for my family and loved ones to keep them up to date with my life, the website has evolved over time and as Facebook, Twitter and technology grew I no longer had to create a monthly letter for my family, publish my wish list, and post my photo albums … my poor old website that had served me well for many years was doomed to gather dust. Then funnily the same developments now mean that I need a somewhere to keep all my ‘Social Media’ links so that my friends and family have easy access – so my website is being reborn and in it’s new incarnation will host my blog, pinterest, photo albums, twitter, and will become my online life book.

Well, I now have a bucket list, and some other lists too, and hope to incorporate these into my blog, but buyer beware, I will also be blogging about everyday stuff too – food, kids, regular life … the mundane stuff that now makes up 80% of my life… but don’t worry there will be fun stuff too.

I hope you enjoy sharing my memories and stay with me while I create new ones.

Happy are those who dream and are willing to pay the price to see those dreams come true – Adele Basheer

Sharon xxx


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