Be Your Own Hero – not just about the skating.

I love Facebook for the fact that my news feed is always full of roller derby goodness. Every now and again one of these posts engages me and touches me enough to share. Today a friend shared a link to a Rollin’ News article – Be Your Own Hero by Jay Pegg.

‘Be Your Own Hero’ is a well used phrase in the derby world, and for me personally it was not an appealing thought – I agree with Jay when he says….

“I’ll admit that I considered the phrase to be nothing more than one of those trite empowerment sayings that you see all over the place – much like aim for the moon and you’ll still land among the stars, which, is astronomically inaccurate for starters”

… but then I read the article, which did bring a tear to my eye, and know now that it is not about being the best derby player or the best skater, it is about your contribution to your sport and your team that makes you a hero.

So whether you are a skater, an NSO,  or on the committee – take time to read this, it will make you smile.


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