My neglected Blog :(

Well it’s 9.30 am Saturday morning, 20th April 2013, and little man is in his drama class, I have to wait for C and it is Dads dropping off today so no one to gossip to. So unexpectedly I have an hour to myself, so dig in my bag for my trusty notepad that travels with me, and decide that I don’t have to be at my computer to write my blog, I can do it here and now using old fashioned paper and pen and then type it up later, and hopefully I will find the time to do that before it goes out of date (this paragraph is being typed after drama class, between lunch and a friend of C’s birthday party this afternoon 1.34 pm)

I am only just feeling 100% after my operation in January, my energy levels were shot and I am only just getting back to where I used to be. On top of this I am on three committees, have little man to look after, a home to keep, a business to build, my beloved Roller Derby, a college course, my blog and a Day Zero project. So my next blog, which is currently in progress, will be:

How can I manage ‘everything’ as a self-employed full time Mum?

(second paragraph typed, 23.16 pm, got back from the party, made two lots of cupcakes for an event tomorrow, cooked supper, washed up, refreshed the dye on my hair, sorted out some things I need for my Roller Derby teams first bout tomorrow, started writing my blog and have decided that I do not really have time tonight to double check it and publish it, and have a busy day tomorrow so need to get to bed before 1 am)

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