Day 101 – February 2013 – 936 days left, 11% Complete



February has been a slow and unproductive time for me this year. I am recovering from surgery, and a bug or two that I picked up on the way, so have not been fully functional, no blogging, very little time on the internet, and no energy to do much really. I am really pleased that I decided to make an effort on my ‘good days’ and have managed to complete another 4% of my day zero 101 things in a 1001 days project.

So here we go, completed in February 2013:


#28 Dye my Hair Purple
I am normally a ‘Pillarbox Red’ girl when it comes to my hair and wanted to try something different – my roller derby team colours are purple and neon green so thought that if I was going to change my colour that it would be nice to have something to go with my derby uniform, not sure hubby would let me get away with neon green hair, and too many ‘snot’ jokes come to mind – so purple it is. I was a little disappointed with the results – I like something a little more vivid, and am now thinking maybe Ultra-violet next time. Costs: 2 hair dyes £9.98


#33 Decorate for Valentines Day
This may seem like an odd one, but for me it is about moving on. I have not celebrated Valentines for at least 20 years and it has nothing to do with ‘commercialism’ – the reason I don’t celebrate is because I got married on Valentines day and the marriage went bad, every valentines I am reminded of the mistakes made and the ended relationship. When I married I did it for love and planned on being with him forever, he on the other hand had different ideas. In retrospect, it was really lucky for me as after the split I found the right person for me and I am now married to my soul mate. So this year, to put old ‘ghosts’ to bed I decided that DH and I would celebrate our relationship, instead of me spending the day mourning a dead relationship long gone. So with happy thoughts I set about making decorations and cooking a nice meal to make the day special … and it was. I also now have a kitchen decorated with 3 metres of heart bunting that I am going to leave up, one because its pretty, and two, as a reminder that life is about ‘the now’. Costs: Bits to make bunting £10.97

#70 Donate Nectar (loyalty) points to Charity
I am a sucker for loyalty cards and have them for all the stores I regularly shop at. My biggest accumulator is Nectar points and I normally save these up and then buy gift cards with them to spend on treats for myself. For 1600 points (about 4 months collecting) I am able to buy school supplies via Oxfam Unwrapped so this month I have used my loyalty points to do just that – it’s nice knowing that as small gesture by me will make a big difference to a school in Somaliland. Cost: Free

and the Works In progress:

#32 Discover a new kid craft for C every month
This month we made wax hearts and valentines day cards. Cost: £3.50 for silicon mould, £1 for crayons.


#9 Sweet Dish
I made microwave flapjack, so quick, so easy and so nice, these were gone before I could get a picture and will be making them again and again. Chewy Microwave flapjack recipe.


#10 Savoury dish – BBQ chicken thighs. I am a breast girl, so have never bought chicken thighs, but as we are trying to budget a little decided to get some of this cheaper meat and see how it was – these are really delicious and a keeper recipe, I used my own recipe for the rice but will be making these again. BBQ chicken thigh recipe.


#11 had quite a bit of time for reading so read a whole collection this month, and the best bit, they were free as received them as part of a kindle book deal. Laurell K Hamilton’s, Merry Gentry series 1-8. Check them out here



Well that makes it 12/101 and £1.50 to be added to the 101 jar (3 complete at 50p each).  I spend £25.45 to complete tasks this month, but I would have been buying hair dyes anyway, and I am keeping my heart bunting up as it looks pretty in the kitchen so money well spent.

Off to start planning for March, happy 101 xxx


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