This looks and sounds really good – off to the shop to buy Gammon and Coca Cola


Sam and I have 5 children between us but his spend Christmas day with their Mother and my son with his father so we find that our celebrations span a few weeks. This year on December 29th Sam had organised a get together with his children at our home and wanted to prepare lunch.  His simple suggestion was brilliant.  Ham, peas and new potatoes.  I guess the difference was the gammon we bought was from our local supplier and was the most amazing meat I have ever tasted.  Jane suppliers our little village market and I will never buy pork anywhere else!

ham in coke

Taking our inspiration from Nigella we purchased a 3.5kg Gammon joint, 4 litres of coke (full fat!!!) and 4 onions. We then simmered the gammon for 2 hours, a lot less than recommended but we were going out. So we turned of the heat and left the…

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